Model Photography Holidays

Pebbles model on the rusty steps, no longer there swept away in a winter storm. First day on my first trip.

I have been very fortunate before the pandemic to have travelled to Portugal with [September 2022 photographer spaces available at time of writing] for four years. The cost of other model photography holidays were always out of my reach, and frankly a lot were having a laugh. Martin has managed to run an affordable model photography holiday for a solid six days in Albufeira, South Portugal during September for the last eight years.

Having found a holiday which I had the funds for I was very pleased to find out just how well organised the various activities were, and the range of locations available. Each day has a theme and different locations which should spark the imagination. The four main themes are beach day, town day, derelict day and villa day.

It is not just the shooting time, when not shooting life is lived in a luxury villa with a ‘family’ of like minded photographers and creatives. It’s not every day you can sit and discuss photography and share the days success and learn from like-minded creatives. In the local area to the villa we visit cafes and restaurants. Have alfresco meals on the beach and bbq’s at the villa. Steak night and Chinese night are some of the highlights of the trip, usually followed by a night out on the town.

Not only photos but fun. My step counter has never shown so many steps in a week. We work hard but it’s rewarded with multiple amazing images. So many images that on most of the years I’ve created a hardback book of my favourites for the year. I’ll link to them at the end of this article.

What an amazing group of models that have modelled for Martins holidays. Martin started small with three models back in 2015.

Hashtag NoPictures

When you find your theme it’s easy to break the ice. “Imagine you don’t want me taking your photo, raise your hand like this, I need to see your face”. Thank you to all the models I have worked with, some of you got it, some of you struggled and some just couldn’t grasp it. Here is a gallery of some of my favorites. #5f8_nopictures for all the published ones on Instagram.